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Our silversmith history dates back to the year of


      Vienna, the heart of the Austrian-Hungarian
       monarchy, is the global leader for gold- and
      silverware production. Early on, Carl Vaugoin
    specialized in heavy handmade cutlery and set a
 benchmark for today’s successful, high quality silver
production. The quality criteria, elegance and usability
  have been manifested in our company’s philosophy
 from the very beginning and are still reflected in the
       production process of each individual piece.

 The knowledge of producing valuable and durable            What is more beautiful than a festively decorated table in the midst of a circle of
precious metal objects meeting the highest possible             family or friends? It is the art of living well and enjoying precious moments

       quality standard has been passed on from            consciously every day. The silver items made by Jarosinski & Vaugoin are designed
generation to generation. It increasingly has become      to highlight these special occasions. The regal lines of a fork, the perfect crafting of a

   a rarity to take time for a meal and celebrate this                plate or just the glorious shine of silver will complete every event!
 moment during the past centuries. The silver items
made by Jarosinski & Vaugoin strive for those special
occasions in life. Our countless designs, models and

      shapes from all eras are a testimony to this.

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