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CREATING HISTORY                                                                                                         5

                        SINCE 6 GENERATIONS


                                                                             A SUCCESSFUL BEGINNING
                                                             Establishment of the family enterprise by Carl Vaugoin.
                                 He specialises in heavy hand-hit board cutleries and lays the foundation stone for the enterprise.


                                                                     A GROUNDBREAKING COOPERATION
   Merger of the enterprise with the master company of Jarosinski. Moving to Zieglergasse 24, in the 7th Viennese district which is still today’s

                                              location of the enterprise. It is called from now on L. Jarosinski & J. Vaugoin.


                                                                           IMPERIAL — ROYAL HONOUR
                                           Award of the K. and K. eagle with the permission to feature it in the sign and seal.


                             Reproduction of the „Donnerbrunnen“ ordered by the Austrian government as a present to the USSR

                                                               in recognition of the signature of the state contract.


                                                                                    A ROYAL PRESENT
Reproduction of the famous „Saliera“ of Benvenuto Cellini which was presented to queen Elizabeth II during her state visit by the city of Vienna.


                                                                           A SUCCESSFUL INHERITANCE
                                Takeover of the enterprise by Victor Carl Vaugoin, Jean-Paul Vaugoin and Benjamin Louis Vaugoin

                                                       who manage the enterprise successfully in the sixth generation.
                                                   2005: From now on Jean-Paul Vaugoin takes the helm of the company.
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