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The precious metal items have always been hallmarked by federal offices for identification and monitoring purposes and therefore are subject to strict control. This is not only implemented for the purchaser's benefit, but also for the benefit of the guilds and cities whose concern is their reputation. Since 2001 it is only mandatory to display silver content - and the maker's hallmark. The hallmark can be compared to a signature that clearly identifies the manufacturer as well as the silver content. All of the Jarosinski & Vaugoin items are marked with a respective silver content of either (800 or 925), the company seal as well as the JV abbreviation JV, 800/925.


Although machine and industrial production is practiced in almost all segments of daily life, there are still traditional trade businesses where each piece is crafted and refined by the masters of the trade in a true and tried process. Jarosinksi & Vaugoin operates such a trade. With each purchase the customer receives a certificate reflecting the clarity of the silver content and a guarantee that the item is hand-crafted.


The ideal way of caring for and maintaining silver items is usage. Table cutlery as well as most of the other silver ware made by Jarosinski & Vaugoin is dishwasher-safe. In the event the silver does tarnish, Jarosinski & Vaugoin offers appropriate silver care products made by the world renowned „Hagerty” brand. Special wraps and cases can also be manufactured for optimal silver storage.


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